5 Signs You May Be Addicted to Pornography

Over the last decade, the adult entertainment industry has grown significantly, reaching near mainstream success. The constant development of both internet and fast video streaming platforms are mostly responsible for this. They have allowed free access to pornography for virtually anyone from the comfort and privacy of their own homes and anywhere in the world.


The right question to ask today is how much this is affecting people’s lives. Due to factors such as the easy access, the lack of values and how busy life has become and how little time is left for actual human interaction, it is very easy to get addicted to several things on the internet like harmless memes, inspirational quotes that you look up all day, online gaming, and much darker things, like pornography.


Like any other addiction, porn addiction can start as something we could pass as ‘normal’ and it will most likely start to escalate to the point where we can discuss being addicted, therefore, here are five warning signs to help determine if you or someone you know are becoming addicted to pornography.

1. You Are Becoming Antisocial


It starts to show when invitations from friends and family keep being turned down because you rather be alone at home, watching pornography; the appeal of going out and interact in normal, non-sex scenarios is lost.


You find yourself constantly making excuses in order to avoid any type of social contact or you keep scrapping for reasons to get home as fast as possible and as soon as you arrive all your concerns and priorities are thrown out the window because the first thing in your mind is pornography.

2. It’s a Secret to Everybody

Everyone has things they rather keep private, especially those regarding intimate subjects. Porn addicts, however, always go one step further making absolutely sure to hide their actions from everyone because they feel guilty and ashamed and they do not want to be judged for what they are doing.


Keeping it hidden is a double risk as the constant (and lonely) exposure to pornography makes them seek that makes them ‘feel more’, like any other addiction, they will raise the levels of what they are watching in order to feel that rush that addiction brings; this then becomes an opportunity to explore more radical types of pornography that they’ll never dare talk about, even to close friends.

3. You Are Starting To Lose Track of Time


Remember that addiction is a disease. Just like every other thing that can cause addiction, porn addicts will start to spend more and more time-consuming pornography. At first, it will be something they think they can control, they can think it will only be a half-hour movie, and then go into feature-length times.


After some time they will be spending between 5 to 10 hours watching and seeking pornography and losing entire days because of it. Like other addictions, they will feel the need to watch it all the time, even when they are in their workplaces or social events.


 4. It is Meddling With Your Sex Life


Addicts always feel the need to increase whatever they are using, and that increase will make it harder for them to achieve that high or thrill they are constantly craving. With pornography addiction, it results in a desensitization in your brain and body; things that would cause arousal in a regular individual no longer have an effect on an addict.


They find themselves constantly masturbating or thinking about it. For people in a relationship, they stop caring about their partners and not putting enough time into romance and attention to their significant other and just seeking arousal through pornography or specific ‘types’ they have developed with the addiction. They will start to expect porn-type situations in regular scenarios, which will most likely affect their relationships


 5. You Have Overblown Expectations.


One of the particulars pornography has is the unrealistic situations it presents, for example,  people with perfect bodies who find themselves in erotic situations out of nowhere and are absolutely comfortable and willing to go into sexual intercourse. It is not uncommon for an addict to bring those expectations to real life.


As their brain chemistry has been modified so heavily by their addiction, addicts tend to get very angry when their partner fails to meet those expectations. Addicts will try to recreate their favorite scenarios, positions, places or techniques and even go as far as to demand physical changes from their partner; like a man demanding for his female partner to get breast implants.


Remember that addiction is a real disease and not a moral weakness or failure. If you or someone you know can identify or relate with these signs encourage them to seek professional help, even the worst cases can make their way into a cleaner and fulfilling life but it can only be done through expert help and support, just like with substance abuse rehabilitation.


Have you ever experienced a similar situation? Do you know someone who went through this process? Share your story and let us know in the comments section below!